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We had great submissions from young minds last month, and so this month, we are fielding our next topic...

What is your definition of success?

The deadline for submission is February 22nd. Please do not forget to include your name, 2-3 sentences about yourself, and contact info. Please submit to editorial@youngwritersblock.org

About YWB
About YWB

Young Writers’ Block was established to accomplish three main goals:

  1. To create a community of young bloggers and writers for support, development, and consolidation of great content.
  2. To engage young professionals on topics and issues that should matter to them.
  3. To highlight great causes and young professionals across the nation that are doing what they can to think, discuss, and engage.

We have content ranging from relationship discussions to politics, music to activism.  We post various topics that anyone can submit editorial pieces for.  We ask people to submit names of organizations, people or movements, that are making a big impact in music, service, business, causes, sports, and more.  Our goal is to leave visitors to the site with a desire to think critically about various topics and discuss their thoughts about them.   Ultimately, we want to encourage engagement.

We encourage you to reach out to our writers and let them know how you feel, and what you think.

Thank you for stopping by our site!

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  • Farhad

    Salam respectable editor. My name is Farhad Mammadov, 22, young science-fiction author from Azerbaijan, with already 5 completed works…I would be rather happy to see my last work “The project Bolero” about secret experiments on human beings waged by allied forces of alliens and bolerans…published online in your website. Unfortunately noone wants to publish my work most evidently because of my being muslim author. The ruthless is the world if any foreigner wrote someting in my own language then he would be published most evidently…However nowadays no trade-off for foreign writers.

    Short description:
    After signing project Bolero initiated by UN agency allegedly called Global Unemployee Exchange Organizition bum named Malik is send to USA, employed in a little store…But something strange happens around him…People sacrifice their lives for his being alive, as his roomate witnessed he spends all night long in bathroom without knowing it…Then it comes out that bum Malik was an artificial memory formulated by allied forces, in real he was Ahmed Tagizade, mature,married UNDPI coordinator.

    Best regards

  • http://theapathyremedy.org/ SpkTruth2Pwr

    I will leave you comment up to give you some potential advertising, however I don’t think science fiction writing fits the theme of the site.

    But I definitely like hearing about the accomplishments of young professional minds!

    Best of luck to you!

  • Farhad

    Thanks anyway! Take care

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